XOXO Air Mail

By Dave Buonaguidi

Media: Prints
Dimensions: 20 x 10 cm
£ 55.00
Comes with a certificate of authenticity

These original 2 layer screen prints have been printed onto found letters from as early as the 1930’s.

All envelopes were sent from Peru to California or San Francisco to Mr. Mario Li in 1960/1970s.

“These days we communicate in the shortest most efficient way possible with emojis and text speak. We have lost that sense of mundane connection, we have replaced three pages of hand written words and a kiss a hug, an X an O is often enough. Or is it?

The patina of age, the inks used, the stamps applied and the stamps and marks that the postal service have put on create a real beauty.”

Each print is unique, the size of the envelope and the style mail vary to the product image. All carry their unique charm and the ‘XOXO’ screen print remains consistent throughout.

The pink which is printed is a neon colour so the colour may vary very slightly in real life

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