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Fei Alexeli
Fei Alexeli is a digital visual artist. Fei was born and raised in Greece in 1987. While studying
architecture in Oxford, she found her passion for visual arts. Her practice involves a combination of
different and mixed media. Fei uses photography, photo-montage and digital collage, Fei is interested
in mixing real elements to create surreal environments and situations.
Fei gained her Bachelor of Arts, while studying Architecture in Oxford Brookes University and later on
she finished her postgraduates architectural studies in London, at University of East London.

"I’m interested in creating utopian microcosms and parallel universes. I like to bring a touch of surrealism
in everyday life and create a dialogue between fiction and reality, to make collages that manufacture
their own reality.
It can be considered as an escape from our own reality."

"Artist Fei Alexeli really made her mark with her striking collage work that radiated with the cool pinks of the American southwest, complete with scenes of palm trees and mountains. Her work often contrasts lush, picturesque landscapes with scenes of outer space and simple geometrics. Also working in illustration, she uses vibrant colours combined with bold imagery like palm leaves and red lips to create iconic compositions."

Limited Edition Art

Best Ride of your Life

70x100 cm
£ 900.00
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Limited Edition Art

No Bad Days

70x70 cm
£ 500.00
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Limited Edition Art

The Flamingo

115x85 cm
£ 800.00
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