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Otto D'Ambra
Set Design
Academia di Brera
Graduation Year:
Otto was born in Milan December 3rd 1978. He graduated in 2003 at the academy of fine arts “Accademia di Brera” specializing in set design. He started working in 1998 as a set designer in various interior design practices. Otto never let go of his love for art and kept developing research in to a personal aesthetics of pictorial and graphic drawing. Fascinated by the concept of body art in 2005 he undertook, parallel to his work as a set designer, a career as a tattoo artist.

Otto\'s work is the result of extensive research and experimentation to best render his most personal point of view. More ...

He has always been influenced by surrealism as a lens through which to look at the world and the great possibilities it opens up. The drawings express a vision that is both ironic and critical. He creates images that are quite direct and of impact, made of immediate though simple elements.

Otto has been drawing since he was a kid, and always had fun experimenting with different techniques, colour and media, which brought him to etching techniques. He likes the contrast of a technique and style that recall past times and feels safe against strong impact images, with a surrealistic twist that are instead challenging.

Original Art

Blind Generation

£ 900.00

Original Art

I Pretend to be

£ 750.00

Original Art

Too Late

£ 340.00

Original Art

Want To Be Free

£ 1450.00

Limited Edition Art

Killing the Future

£ 185.00

Original Art


£ 890.00

Limited Edition Art

Dangerous Animal

£ 182.00

Limited Edition Art

Modern Anatomy 1

£ 215.00

Limited Edition Art

Looking for the Key

£ 110.00