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Kelly Jenkins
Masters of Arts, Knitted Textiles
Royal College of Art
Graduation Year:
My art practice crosses several definable art and craft disciplines. I work with several mediums in an unconventional fashion; oils, acrylics, knitting and free-style embroidery (a technique I like to call ‘painting with thread’) to create large scale artworks. The process of combining these techniques, with their bold stitched forms and lively colours palettes, allows me to create paintings that retain a tactile and sumptuous quality that embody an element of playfulness and a touch of anarchy.
This language of making art enables me to explore contemporary issues of the personal, political and human condition, sometimes dark and unsettling concepts rise to the surface, yet contradict the medium of knitting and embroidery, traditionally perceived as soft, safe and cosy. I like to disrupt the idea of this medium being passive and benign, visually elevating stitch into the dominant force.

Original Art

Knit Uncensored - Concepts In Knitting #2

140x220 cm
£ 2500.00
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Limited Edition Art

Knit This Bitch

95x95 cm
£ 1250.00
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Original Art

Knit Chatlines - Concepts In Knitting #2

152x258 cm
£ 3000.00
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Original Art

Dripping In It

£ 1400.00