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Invite to Roy's People Little Heroes

Posted on April 9, 2015

Following his sold out solo show in 2014, Roy’s People is back this spring with his new collection in Little Heroes. Curious Duke Gallery will be taken over by little people this April as shadows loom of your favourite superheroes in East London. Will you be taking home a caped crusader to your hero?

Curious Duke Gallery presents Little Heroes

PV Thursday 16th April

16th April - 9th May

173 Whitecross Street

London EC1Y 8JT

Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barbican (5mins)


 Contact: eleni(@)curiousdukegallery.comfor more information re: new premises/ the event/ interviews.

sinead(@) for guest list and catalogue.

You may have missed out on his sold out solo show Street Life at Curious Duke Gallery in 2014, however Little Heroes is packed with Roy’s People whimsical humour, with couples sheltering under bottle caps in Lager Top, and two little figures attempting to rescue a friend in Killer Heels. Little Heroes delivers a swift slice of humour. 

This April, Roy’s People’s new collection takes us through romance, chivalry and super heroes. Explorations of identity and refraction through social media, and revelations of inner heroes are present in the artist’s latest collection. However, do not fear! Roy’s People has released three new works from his signature Butterfly collection, catch them while you can.

 Alongside Roy’s signature style you will find his brand new series- We are Heroes. Featuring our favourite heroes- Superman, Batman, Thor, the Hulk, Spiderman and of course Catwoman, each figure appears as a shadow behind a miniature figure, signally the sudden revelation of our inner hero. Roy’s People firmly believes that “we are all heroes to some extent. The little people are a complete mix of young and old, and their shadow represents which superhero they are. At some point in our lives we have all wanted to be superheroes or have a super power.” This Spring don’t forget to reward your hero and to celebrate the hero inside yourself!

Refraction of identity carries over into Roy’s People’s social media collection. Featuring recognisable logos from social media networks, Little People serve as vigilantes to shoot down the little blue bird of Twitter and ‘f’ of Facebook.  The growing number of social media related suicides have grown drastically as trolls and bully take to these platforms to terrorise, which the artist recognises as a problem of our time. Roy’s People explains this shift in interest in his practice, saying that Instagram, Facebook and Twitter basically rule our lives, on it everyday, these works are about taking them down and not having our lives ruled by a little blue bird. “ This series of work gives us back the power we can so easily feel that we have lost.

Take home a Little Hero this April. See you there!