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Turner Prize 2015

Posted on May 15, 2015

The Turner Prize 2015 nominees have been announced. The four parties are all contending for the title and £25,000 in Glasgow’s Tramway arts venue. Let’s remember that artists eligible for the prize had to be working in Britain for an outstanding exhibition or other presentation of work in the 12 months preceding mid-April 2015, with previous winners of the famously controversial and prestigious award include Damien Hirst, Anish Kapoor, and Gilbert and George. So let’s take a look at this year’s contender's for the 31st Turner Prize…
First up we have London-based 16 people strong collective, Assemble, who have taken on the run down Toxteth Granby Four Streets that face demolition after the 1981 riots. Together with the community they have identified areas to change and built up around this as a functioning regenerated community using recycled materials and what could be salvaged.
Tate said the group shares a studio in London and operates "like a Modernist collective from the 1930s".
"They have lunch every day around the table to discuss projects and they couldn't accept the nomination until all had accepted," revealed Tate Britain director Penelope Curtis at the launch in Glasgow.
Next up we have Janice Kerbel, who’s operatic work Doug chronicled nine catastrophic events endured by a single individual. Canadian born but London based artist used six voices to raise a narrative that combines comedy, operatic history and slapstick actions. Performance art has gone up a few gears.
London artist Bonnie Camplin Camplin has been nominated for her work, The Military Industrial Complex. Through this, she explores who, how and why we decide who becomes dangerous to society, using imagery from physics and witchcraft to create her ideas. Describing her practice as "the Invented Life", has also produced, directed and performed theatre and run experimental club nights in London's Soho.
Nicole Wermers, a German born artist has been nominated for her piece Infrastrucktur that comments on consumerism. Alongside the fur coat chairs, can be seen flyers pasted to the wall and images and appropriation marble into one maze.
You can see the exhibition: Turner Prize 2015
Tramway arts venue
25 Albert Drive, Glasgow G41 2PE
October 2015- January 2015
The winner is announced on 7 December.
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Sources BBC News
Written by Curious Duke Gallery blogger Sinéad Loftus.
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