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Advice for artists: Intermixability with artist Darragh Powell

Posted on May 28, 2015

Liquitex team up with CDG artist Darragh Powell as he shows us just how versatile paint is. Giving £100 worth of goods to the talented winner of this year's Secret Art Prize, you still have the chance to be walking away with it! Apply here.
Over to Darragh for a few insights!  
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Darragh Powell's work is instantly recognisable with his layers of languid atmosphere and the ever present omniscient bird. Liquitex teamted up with Darragh to ask just how he manages to achive this delicate artworks that are so robust in character and give way to the power of nature.
Working across ideas of cinematic landscapes, horror fiction and deserted cities, Powell lets us know just how this can be achieved with a few materials.
  • Test out different paint combinations
  • Decide upon a role for each paint  
Full article here for how to.  
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Written by Curious Duke Gallery blogger Sinéad Loftus.
Lover of all art and fluffy cats.