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The Secret Art Prize - Stephen Whatcott

Posted on March 23, 2017


The Secret Art Prize – Stephen Whatcott


The wonderfully talented Stephen talks about what the art prize meant to him. Stephen is now a very well established artist within Curious Duke Gallery and his career has now rockited to the next level, his work will be exhibited in many art fairs as well as being a top choice for a well established art rental company. We coulnd't be happier to have him on board and it proves what magic the Secret Art Prize can do for us as a gallery as well as you as an artist.


'Being an artist means you inevitably spend a large amount of time alone. It’s a part of the process and gives you the head space often required when creating work. However, for those artists who are in the early stages of their career, the part of the process that tends to be missing is a community in which to present your work to. After all, we need our work to be seen and critiqued if we want to grow as artists and people.

The Secret Art Prize turned out to be the opportunity I needed to do just that. It gave me a chance to have my work seen by a wide audience, a panel of judges, and opened the door to a community of artists and art lovers in the form of the Curious Duke Gallery. I have gained brothers and sisters. These are people who I can relate to and with whom I can discuss and expand on ideas, which is the driving force of all art forms, essentially.

As it happens, in the couple of years since I benefitted from the Secret Art Prize, it has continued to grow and can now offer even greater opportunities: not only being able to show your work at the Moniker Art fair in Shoreditch, but also a profile in the highly regarded After Nyne Magazine as well.

Having spent quite a few years quietly working on my craft, I now have an extended family. And I am very grateful for that.'