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10 Tips for Buying Art Online

Posted on November 21, 2017

Buying art for the first time can be difficult and can sometimes seen as expensive. Use our guide to find affordable art, suitable for you!

 1.   Know where to look

There are many websites with loads of beautiful art work! A trustworthy, established art gallery would be the 1st place to look, go to a source you can trust!

 Completely lost? Use an art advisory service. Curious Duke Gallery offer a free consultation, this maybe a good opportunity for you to know your options.

2.  Go in with an open mind

Knowing what you want is great! Flexibility is essential. The work of artists is like magic; they may surprise you in many beautiful ways.

If you like the style of an artist, but the pieces available isn’t what you wanted. Many artists who work with The Curious Duke offer commissioned work. 

Hannah Adamaszek

3.   Personalize it

Don't panic about the commitment of buying an artwork. It can be difficult to imagine how a piece of work would look in the space you would like to put it.

The Curious Duke Gallery offer a service where the art work can be loaned for a trial week. Where the art piece can be taken away at 10% of the value of the art work. If you would like to purchase the piece the remainder of the value must be paid off, if not the 10% will be reimbursed.

4.   On a budget?

 Art work doesn’t have to be expensive, it is often a misconception. There are many beautiful pieces with an affordable price tag – ideal for first time buyers. When searching for art work filter the price range into what you can afford.  

5.   Can't afford it?

Fallen in love with something out of your budget? 

We can now offer an interest free loan to purchase your art, the payments will be spread over ten months. Please see our blog for more details and how to apply here.


All of Louise McNaught's works are available for purchase with Own Art 0% finance. Read full T&Cs here.

6.   Know what you're buying 

Do your research, there is definitely something out there for you. It’s a matter of finding it and loving it! All art work is wonderfully different; ensure you know what you’re buying. There are plenty of options; sculptures, paintings, prints and photography. If it's a print, is it limited edition or open edition? Is it an original piece of art? and so on... Answering these questions will help you decide whether the piece is worth the investment.

Tannaz Oroumchi

7.   Hanging and framing 

Take into account how and where you will display your artwork. Unsure on framing? Buy an artwork framed to save you time and effort!

8.   Shipping

When organizing the delivery of your wonderful art work, ensure it is suitable for you. Artwork is usually organized by couriers or and signed for delivery. Consider delivering to your work place if you’re working fulltime.

Curious Duke Gallery offer Free UK delivery; we are able to organize times suitable for you. 

9.   Its always worth having a conversation.

My number one rule is don’t be afraid to ask.  Nothing is not doable. You may find your perfect piece in the wrong size, its out of your budget, you would like to have it in your home before you commit, you would like to meet the artist – we can make this happen. We are here to help.

 Craig Keenan

10.  Buy art you LOVE

You will live with your artwork so make sure you love it, there is no need to hurry. Search online, go to exhibitions, degree shows, anywhere and everywhere and read about artists as it may be how and why an artwork is created that unites you.

Investing in art is investing in the artist. A good dealer will be more than willing to answer questions and offer knowledge about the artist, they may already have information sheets written about the artist or interviews for you to read.

Don't hurry and you will find something that holds your attention.