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Loving and Living in Cities

Posted on July 9, 2019

Loving and Living in Cities 


Curious Duke Gallery artist Sarah Kudirka tells us how she began looking up in London and beyond.

We love cities' and many of our favourite artists make work about the cities they live and work in.

Remember London’s fantastic Olympic summer of 2012? It was a fantastic time to be in the city – everyone feeling full-on friendly and proud hosts of the Games in our backyard! Also in London that summer, award-winning artist Sarah Kudirka started work on a world-class project of her own that is still ongoing now, years later.


SK: “In the summer of 2012 for me three big things happened – I got married and changed my name to Kudirka*; I began painting over Polaroids; and we had the Olympic games in our backyard.** Newly married, I stumbled on a unique way of working that transformed my art practice. For months before I had been working on large paintings on bespoke wooden panels. New name, new style of painting made sense. The step change wasn’t intentional but it was a good time to reinvent myself and my art.

 * the name is Lithuanian via Essex as my husband’s grandparents came to England in 1919


** I’m not kidding, it felt like that. We lived in a penthouse directly overlooking the Stratford site and had watched the stadium and red Orbit tower being constructed from scratch. There were no neighbours for miles to obscure our view. We had a great party on our roof terrace on the night of the opening ceremony and discovered we had Special Branch snipers on the roof above us providing protection.



First day back from honeymoon I took my reconditioned Polaroid SX70 Land camera (first gift from my husband; did I mention this is a romantic story? he was definitely a keeper) as I walked past the new stadium and Fish Island, Hackney over to my studio in Bethnal Green. I took a whole film, then in the studio I painted over and drew on the shots to make new images. I knew I was onto something; this work was fresh and exciting.

The first ever pieces by Sarah Kurdirka. 



Currently Exhibiting in Curious Duke Gallery 4-31st July 2019.

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