Fort Concho in winter

By Chris King

Media: Photography, Prints
Dimensions: 114 x 76 cm
£ 1500.00
Comes with a certificate of authenticity

C-type print, Edition of 5.

Taken in San Angelo, Texas.

I was there with my partner, and we were visiting some of her family over the New Year. We were lucky enough to be able to stay in the historic officer’s quarters in Fort Concho, which dates from the 1860s. We were supposed to stay for a couple of night, and then fly home.

What we weren’t expecting was a huge winter storm, which manifested itself as four days of freezing rain. The airport, and pretty much everything else closed down.For those who haven’t seen it, freezing rain falls as fine drizzle, which Turns to ice when it hits, well,pretty much anything. Roads, trees, fences, even a second-hand typewriter outside a shop. It makes everything beautiful, and extremely slippery. There were over 100 car crashes in the first 20 hours of the storm - people in West Texas are not at all used to icy conditions. The building we were staying in had rudimentary cooking facilities - on New Year’s Day, due to a combination of the holiday and the weather, nothing at all was open, and we were out of food. The only place we found to get any was the local hospital canteen.

The upside of our enforced stay, and the weather was that I was able to (very carefully) walk around the almost deserted town and get beautiful winter photographs.

Artist signature on back.


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