Knit Chatlines - Concepts In Knitting #2

By Kelly Jenkins

Media: Mixed media, Original art
Dimensions: 152 x 258 x 3 cm
£ 3000.00
Comes with a certificate of authenticity

Knit Chatlines is a large scale knitted canvas made from 100% merino wool, depicting adverts found in the back of lad mags. With elements of dark humour, it’s bold and unsettling imagery and text contradict the very nature of the medium being perceived as passive and benign; subverting the notion of knitting as a domestic hobby into something more of a taboo must have.
Knit Chatlines was created using digital and industrial knitting techniques that are traditionally employed in commercial textile manufacturing. Most commercial knitting companies are run by men, I find this fascinating as it blows the stereotype of a knitter completely out of the water. In a fun tongue-in-cheek style, Knit Chatlines pays homage to this, using sex to sell to its audience.

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