Dripping In It

By Kelly Jenkins

£ 1400.00

The abrupt moment in time, of energy and of chance are captured in the characteristics of what appears to be splattered paint. However look closer and this perception contradicts with the cunningly planned, labour intensive act of embroidering with which the paint has been created, juxtaposing notions of the intentional and accidental, the controlled and the spontaneous, the premeditated and the impulsive. Defacing the painting with stitch, subverts the notion of this gentle, passive and even benign pastime, elevating the stitch to the foreground, acting as the dominant force in the painting.

Expressed through a dark and slightly anarchic sense of humour, this series of work touches upon feminist issues, gender equality and the fashionability of craft and textile art. These concerns are explored and translated through the use of stitching into oils and acrylics on canvas.
I enjoy playing with bold colour, linear forms and texture, through a process of fast, loose and spontaneous mark making combined with controlled and carefully executed acts of defacement with stitch. The layering of different mediums are key to the work, which create depth and texture. Parts are hidden or revealed, pushed back or brought to the surface, they reflect the hidden and overlooked aspects of our contemporary life, making way for the recognition of the precarious balance of society. The use of gold thread invites the viewer to question humanity’s preconceived notions of value and worth in our consumer driven world. By adorning each piece with precious gold metal thread, I aim to draw attention to our struggle between greed and purpose, beauty and dominance.

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