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From Jul 9, 2015 to Aug 1, 2015

The Art of Zen
Curious Duke Gallery present the art of Zen with Repose, Hannah Adamaszek’s 2nd UK solo show on the 9th July-1st August. Take a step out of your busy London life and into a zone of Zen and tranquility this July at London’s leading go to gallery for the UK’s freshest artistic talents, Curious Duke Gallery.

Award winning urban artist Hannah Adamaszek, who recently won best artist at Femme Fierce- a UK Street Art festival that brings together the most talented female street artists in the world delivers her hotly anticipated new collection, Repose. Exclusive, to Curious Duke Gallery this July, the artist’s second UK solo show delves into the calming depths of yogic poses, mediation and mindfulness. Known for her beautiful portraits of strong female characters, Adamaszek shares with you hidden beauty in East London this summer. With all pieces available to purchase and prices ranging from £40-£2100 everyone is able to take home a slice of tranquility this summer.

Since her first solo show in 2013 with CDG, artist Hannah Adamaszek has carved a niche for herself in UK Street Art, Hannah Adamaszek paintings span many a genre. Unable to put her work in box, the artist’s urban inspired techniques of spray paint layered over delicate hand drawn charcoal lines create ethereal beauty and character. Hannah displays every woman’s beauty and strength in each of her pieces stating “the women are subtle yet strong, bold yet delicate; balancing these contradictions gives each piece its own unique and
mysterious charm.”

Her dedication to technique and experimentation pays off with each of her stunning artworks holding their own personality. It is this depth of character that has come to define her latest collection. The clearest demarcation of the development of
Adamaszek’s work comes in the full body paintings rather than her portraits of faces. This comes as the artist has undertaken mindfulness in her practice, with Adamaszek becoming more aware of the present, in mind and body. Her new works of Just Be and Days of Heaven show the flowing energy of the body in yogic poses as the tranquility extends out of the work to us. Adamaszek says, “each piece was
created in a certain frame of mind. A single quote is paired with each painting to further explain its meaning and the thought process. Art is not just for viewing but an experience.” Adamaszek takes us on a welcome journey of peaceful reflection in our chaotic lives.

Repose will coincide with this year\'s Whitecross Street Party (WXSP) on July 18th. WXSP celebrates community with a party of street art, live performances and much more, to top it off Adamaszek will be painting live on the day. Put the date in your diary to see how her paintings come to life.

We’ll leave you with this message from Adamaszek “My life force is my strength. To embrace it, is to drink up my own liquid light”- The Light Side. Embrace your inner Zen this July.

Curious Duke Gallery presents Hannah Adamaszek: Repose
PV Thursday 9th July
9th July- 1st August
173 Whitecross Street
London EC1Y 8JT
Nearest Tube: Old Street (exit 6 - 2 min walk) Barb
ican (5mins)

Contact: [email protected] for more information re: new premises/ the event/ interviews.
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