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Hanping Feng
MA Fine Art
Central Saint Martins
Graduation Year:
I am interested in a kind of overlapped relationship between spaces, because Space is an essential aspect of our life in reality, because human activities and experiences take place in and can only occur in space. Space can record everything and is an effective way to react to the condition of human.

For example, nowadays, we are kidnapped by ideology of capitalistic consumerism. Various architectures and spaces as the product of consumerism exist in our daily life, such as supermarkets, department stores and even banks. We are kidnapped by the ideology of capitalist consumerism. Every day people shuttle among various spaces such as supermarkets and department stores, fulfilling our consumptive desires and needs. As a result we are irresistibly trapped in the spaces of ourselves creation. More ...

Moreover, the ideology of consumerism is not only impelling people to forget the relationship between human and nature by changing our living spaces. There have emerged mansions, high ways and various infrastructures etc. all of which constitute the ‘city landscape’ forcibly constructed into nature.

For this phenomenon,Utopia and Dystopia as genres of literature provide alternative perspectives to understand the capitalist consumerisms as well as the theoretical framework to conceptualise and contain my practices. On the surface, through imagination, Utopian fictions depict what the perfect and ideal society would be like, whereas Dystopia focuses on the negative and horrendous aspects of the world. Many dystopian literatures formulate the society where material culture is extremely developed yet the spiritual domain is extremely hollow. In this sense, modern society, where consumerism as the epitome of material culture triumphs, is a total dystopia. I would like to create a fantasy or eerily numinous space for reflecting this phenomenon with the approach of overlapped spaces.

Original Art

Field NO.2

100x120 cm
£ 2500.00
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Original Art

Night NO.2

120x90 cm
£ 2160.00
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Original Art

Night NO.3

120x150 cm
£ 3600.00
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Original Art

Field NO.4

90x60 cm
£ 1080.00
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