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Profile: Eleni Duke Britain’s youngest female curator
July 11, 2017

Eleni Duke, 26, is Britain’s youngest female curator, and the founder of Curious Duke Gallery in London’s Shoreditch. We talked to her about why she opened her gallery, her key to success and her top career tips.

Why did you decide to open a gallery?

I was 23 and had a job designing limited-edition canvases. I felt a bit stifled in my job, and wanted to do something that made me happy. I decided to quit it and put all my savings into a pop-up shop on Whitecross Street, which is where I’m currently located.

I wanted to represent young artists who wanted a career in the arts. We could help each other – I’d promote them and put them into exhibitions; they would produce work and turn their dream of being an artist in a career.

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