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Tannaz Oroumchi | Magnik
From Sep 6, 2018 to Sep 29, 2018

Discover London as you’ve never seen it before in this new art exhibition

This September sees the launch of one of the most hotly-anticipated solo shows of the year at Curious Duke Gallery: MAGNIK by Tannaz Oroumchi.

An established name on the London art scene, Tannaz has built a body of highly collectable work that re-imagines the city of London, creating versions of the capital never seen before.

Central to the work is the idea of space - arguable a city’s most valuable commodity - and how this dwindling resource can be harnessed to its full potential.

Speaking of the collection, Tannaz says: "Architecture has the ability to affect deep structures of belief. It is capable of developing a means of expanding beyond existing social, political, economic and cultural constrictions and suppressions."